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Product Availability

At IANSAUDE.COM we are constantly working to design and realize products that are exciting, distinctive and of superlative quality for you, our valued client. We make every effort to have sufficient quantities of items featured on this Site in stock.

Some items, however, are so unique that they may be one of a kind or in limited production. Some items are also not practical to keep in regular stock because we offer a number of options for customizing that piece, so we can better respond to the individualized needs of our customers by building each piece to order. When featuring such items, they will be indicated accordingly.

All products available through this Site fall into one of three classes of merchandise: (i) normal merchandise, (ii) special order merchandise or (iii) customized/commissioned pieces. Each of these three classes of merchandise is governed by its own specific set of order, sale & return policies. Please see the SALES AGREEMENT below for the specific terms covering each category.

When selecting an item for purchase, you will be asked to specify the specific set of options that you prefer. If the particular configuration of options that you have selected constitutes a "special order" or "customized order," you will be alerted to this fact on the product page by the message, "This is a special order item," which will appear in the space above the pricing information. While shopping, an item with special order status will also be visible on your "My Selections" page, which automatically appears every time you add an item to your selections, or it can also be accessed from the "CHECKOUT" button located under the "SHOP" link on the top navigation bar of this site. All special orders or otherwise "customized" merchandise will be indicated by the two-letter code (SO) following the style name & options listed for the selected item. After finalizing your purchase, these items will be similarly indicated on your order confirmation email.

All products displayed on IANSAUDE.COM are available as long as supplies last, and we reserve the right to add, subtract and modify the selection of merchandise available on this website at any time, without previous or subsequent notice. Please check back often for updates.

Product Representation and Pricing

Every effort is made to accurately display items and when necessary to provide a thorough explanation of the product featured for sale on this website. On those rare occasions when there may be incomplete information, a typographical error or other inaccuracies, please understand that they are unintentional, and we apologize for any erroneous information. We reserve the right to correct errors or to update products and/or product descriptions at any time without prior notice. For more detailed information on this subject, please refer to the policies in the PRIVACY & SECURITY section of this website.

Please be aware that since viewing actual colors will depend on the quality & calibration of your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor will display the color of the featured product accurately. Goods not materially different than those represented and/or described on this website shall be accepted buy the Buyer as in accordance with our SALES AGREEMENT. For fabric items, you may also contact us about the possibility of obtaining swatches for the purposes of color-matching.

Prices of items offered at IANSAUDE.COM are quoted in US dollars ($USD) and are effective only in the United States. Certain items available on this Site (either normal/in-stock, special order or customized merchandise) may be available for delivery to addresses outside the US, depending on the prevailing import regulations of the country to which the merchandise is to be delivered. This website WILL ACCEPT orders placed for foreign delivery, anywhere in the world that is deliverable by FedEx. However, we still advise all foreign customers, especially those who may be in doubt about their ability to receive reliable deliveries via FedEx, to please contact us by email or phone for pricing & shipping confirmation before placing any orders for foreign delivery.

Certain retail items available on this site are also available in select stores throughout the United States. The prices listed on this site are the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP), but in-store retail prices may vary. For a list of retail stores that carry our products or to find a store in your area, please consult our list of retail stores for locations. Sale items/prices on this Site are INTERNET ONLY SPECIALS, and may not be available at other retail locations. Sale items are available only while supplies last.

Wholesale Purchasing

If you are a buyer for a Fine Jewelry Store, Department Store, Gallery, Showroom or other establishment that is interested in carrying one of our lines, this Site contains additional features that are specifically geared to facilitate wholesale purchasing. Please visit the TO THE TRADE section of this website for specific information about how to set up a wholesale Trade Account and utilize these special features.

Please note: certain items on this website may not be available for wholesale ordering. Conversely, we may also occasionally offer other products, in addition to those placed on this website, that are available exclusively to wholesale customers. Please inquire.

Placing an Order

How to Place an Order

Retail Online Orders

Retail Phone Orders

You may also order the merchandise on this Site by calling Client Care 1.805.784.0967, Monday-Saturday, 10am to 5pm (Pacific Time). We would be happy to take your order.

Wholesale Orders

Wholesale customers may place orders by faxing us your purchase order or by shopping on-line via this website, if your wholesale account has already been approved and activated. To apply for a new Trade Account or to login to your existing one, please visit the TO THE TRADE page on this website. This page is available to you at any time by using the “TO THE TRADE” link on the main navigation bar (located in the upper right corner on every page on this Site).

While browsing the collections as a wholesale buyer, additional options & details related to wholesale purchasing will automatically be displayed. As a time-saving service to our Trade clients, wholesale orders can also easily be placed on-line via this website. For further details, please login into your wholesale account on the TO THE TRADE page.

Forms of Payment

This Site accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express as valid forms of payment. For details on how we bill your credit card or for the security measures we use to safeguard your privacy, please see the PRIVACY & SECURITY section of this website.

If you wish to pay by personal check or money-order, you can also submit your order to us by phone or by shopping on-line and then selecting "Online Order Form" from among the available payment options during check out. Print a copy of your order and send it to us along with your check or money order. A representative will then contact you to confirm your order and delivery details. Note: Orders placed in this way will only be shipped once complete payment has been received.

Payment by wire transfer may also be possible for orders placed for foreign delivery. Please contact us if you have questions about foreign deliveries or about any of these payment options.

Payment and credit terms for wholesale customers are routinely managed as part of the Trade Account set-up process. Wholesale customers wishing to establish a trade account may start the process by logging on to the TO THE TRADE page of this website and submitting the brief form or you may contact us for more information.

Sales Tax

An applicable sales tax of 7.25% will be charged to all retail orders made through this Site and delivered to addresses within the State of California (USA). Retail orders for delivery outside the State of California and all wholesale orders (regardless of delivery address) are not presently taxed.

Shipping & Delivery

Generally, we ship all orders via Federal Express, one of the world’s largest and most reliable shippers. However, in the event that we deem another shipping method/agent to be more appropriate for delivering a particular order, we reserve the right to ship by any reputable courier or postal service. All shipments are shipped with insurance and will require an adult signature at the time of delivery. High value shipments for special merchandise may be arranged by armored service. Special charges may apply. Please inquire before placing an order.

Delivery charges are assessed by approximate shipping weight. Accurate real-time pricing is calculated via a link between this Site and FedEx. Your specific delivery options and the commensurate charges associated with your shipment will be displayed as part of the checkout process.

U.S. domestic shipments (All 50 States & U.S. Territories)

All shipments made from IANSAUDE.COM are insured for the replacement value of the merchandise. Although shipping charges will be added to your bill at the prevailing FedEx rates, as a courtesy to our customers, the additional charges for insuring these shipments are borne by us.

For all orders including jewelry, however, our insurance underwriters require that they be shipped via FedEx Second-Day air, as the default-mode of shipment. Upgrading to Overnight Night service is also available for an additional charge.

For all non-jewelry orders, we ship to all 50 States & Territories using FedEx Ground unless you stipulate otherwise. Second-Day Air and Priority Overnight services are also available for an additional charge. All shipments are insured.

If you are purchasing both jewelry and non-jewelry items at the same time, our system will automatically exclude the option for Ground Service because your order includes jewelry. Therefore, if you wish to ship your non-jewelry items by Ground, please process your order in two separate transactions: one for jewelry and another for non-jewelry items. This will allow our system to segregate the orders and assign the appropriate shipping charges to each.

As an added security measure, we reserve the right to ship jewelry separately from other merchandise ordered at the same time, even if they are both to be shipped via the same mode of service.

International shipments

In general, the information presented on this Site is formulated for deliveries within United States. However, most items on this Site (either normal, special order or customized merchandise) are also available for delivery to addresses outside the US, depending on the prevailing import regulations of the country to which the merchandise is to be delivered. As a mater of course, the Site will accept orders from anywhere in the world provided that the destination is deliverable by FedEx.

However, as an added precaution, we still advise foreign customers to please contact us by email or phone for pricing & shipping confirmation before placing any orders for foreign delivery. International deliveries valued up to $25,000 per box can be made via FedEx. All shipments are insured. High value shipments can also be arranged via an international armored service or, in some cases, by private courier. Additional charges may apply.

Customs import duties for foreign shipments must be borne by the customer, who will be the importer of record (“importer”), and such duties will be assessed at the prevailing rates according to the tariff schedule in the country of import. Although FedEx and all comparable couriers generally provide customs brokerage services for the purpose of clearing the goods in every country to which they deliver, the importer is still responsible for obtaining any & all information about the particularities of the applicable import regulations directly from the customs department of the country of import in advance of delivery. FedEx, etc. may also assess additional charges for these customs-clearing services. These charges are to be borne by the importer, and the courier will generally require payment for such services at the time of delivery, before releasing the shipment. Please check directly with the courier for the specific terms of payment for customs clearance.

While IAN SAUDE INC. is happy to furnish all the shipment paperwork in a fashion that best complies with the requirements of the country of import, we will not be held responsible for any delays, duties, incidental fees or other complications, whatsoever, associated with the process of importation, as they are beyond our control.

Order Tracking

After your order has been confirmed you will receive an email from us with your FedEx tracking number. This number will enable you to track the delivery status of your purchase on the FedEx website. If, in advance of shipment, you have additional questions regarding the status of your order, you may always contact us.

Gift Services

Gift Certificates

We are happy to offer our customers Gift Certificates for making on-line purchases at IANSAUDE.COM. Gift Certificates are available by contacting Client Care 1.805.784.0967, Monday-Saturday, 10am to 5pm (Pacific time).

Please note that Gift Certificates, once issued, are not redeemable for cash from IANSAUDE.COM.

Gift Wrapping

Most items available on this site, including all jewelry, come elegantly boxed or otherwise packaged in a form that is suitable for gift-giving. Jewelry items are generally packaged in boxes specialized to fit the particular piece. Smaller lifestyle items are generally boxed in an attractive paper box with IAN SAUDE ribbon and/or other branding. When presentation boxes are sometimes unavailable for larger items, these products generally will come packaged in a branded gift bag. Packaging designs may be adjusted seasonally.

Enclosure Cards

If you would like to enclose a personal message with your gift, you may do so during the checkout process. When you have reached the page entitled "CHECKOUT STEP 3" below the "Form of Payment" section, there is a field entitled, "Gift Messages or Comments". Please follow the instructions here, and we will include a gift enclosure card with your personalized message.

Sales Agreement

General Provisions

Defining Merchandise Categories

Normal Merchandise
Normal Merchandise is merchandise that is readily available and which we make every effort to keep in stock from day-to-day for the purposes of making regular sales that are available for immediate delivery via this Site. This is not to say that we can guarantee that all such items will always be in-stock, when you place your order. However, regardless of their stock status, these items are still classed as normal merchandise and are subject to the more liberal set of return and exchange policies, etc., governing normal merchandise (detailed below).

Special Order Merchandise
Special Order Merchandise is merchandise that is fabricated or finished only when we have a specific order for it from a client. These pieces are usually based on an existing design or a piece of normal merchandise that is displayed on this Site, but it is classed as a "special order" because we are executing it, for example, in a particular size or an alternative color scheme than those pieces which are kept in regular stock. Special order merchandise is governed by a separate set of return policies than items classed as normal merchandise, which is defined above.

Customized or Commissioned Merchandise
Customized & Commissioned Merchandise are the most specialized categories of merchandise we offer.

Customized pieces may involve special adjustments that have to be made to an existing design, such as (but not limited to) the following: engraving, monogramming or other personalization; creating made-to-measure or uniquely-sized items; the use of custom colors (including color-matching services) or the use of specific, unusual or rare materials; or otherwise customizing an existing product to meet a client's requirements or specifications.

Commissioned pieces are generally created completely from scratch, according to the needs of a particular client and according to set specifications that must be agreed upon in writing in advance of starting the work. While we welcome private commissions, do understand that commissioned pieces often require a considerable amount of time and effort on our part to envision & create for you, and they may be subject to certain specific terms beyond those governing other types of merchandise. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please contact us for further details.

Billing Your Credit Card

For details on how your credit card will be billed and how such billing will appear on your statement, please see Using Your Credit Card under our PRIVACY POLICY.

Order Changes/Cancellations

If, after placing an order, you wish to cancel or modify your order in any way, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to or by calling Client Care at 1.805.784.0967, Monday-Saturday, 10am to 5pm (Pacific Time). We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

However, once a product has left our premises for shipping, the purchase cannot be cancelled or modified until the product has been returned to us. In this case, please refer to our policy for Returns, Refunds, Exchanges. If the item that you have ordered is returnable, then please call us for a returns authorization and return your purchase to us according to the instructions you receive from your Client Care Representative. If you would like to purchase a different product, please visit our website or contact us to have a Client Care Representative assist you.

Orders for special order and/or custom or commissioned merchandise are not cancelable once the production process has begun. Please understand that the majority of the items available on this Site require exacting, precise, and time-consuming craftsmanship as well as the sourcing of specialized materials. Once work has begun on a piece, limited changes may or may not be possible, depending on the nature of your request and the stage of production that the piece has reached, theretofore. We will make every attempt to accommodate your requests, but the Seller makes no guarantees or warrantees that such changes will be accommodated and must expressly disclaim any such guarantees of warrantees. If the Buyer shall attempt to cancel or shall refuse to accept delivery, the Seller shall be entitled upon the tender of the Goods, in addition to all other remedies afforded to the Seller, to keep any deposit or advance made buy the Buyer upon order of the goods and to recover the full Purchase Price from the Buyer. The Buyer agrees to pay to the Seller, in addition to all other sums required to be paid by the Buyer, all legal and other expenses incurred by the Seller in collecting any moneys due from the Buyer to the Seller under the terms and provisions of this Agreement and all legal and other expenses incurred by the Seller in removing and/or retaking and/or selling, by legal process or otherwise, the Goods covered by this Agreement.

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges

Returning Normal Merchandise
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your online purchase, normal merchandise may be returned for a refund, exchange or on-line store credit.

Please note, however, that since many of the products offered on this Site are hand crafted, (notably cashmere, hand-woven or hand-dyed products) what may appear to you to be an irregularity is, in fact, part of the unique handmade nature of the article and should not be considered a defect.

If you wish to return or exchange an item, you must contact us within 7 days of receipt of said merchandise. To authorize a return, please phone Client Care at 1.805.784.0967, Monday-Saturday, 10am to 5pm (Pacific Time).

Once your return has been received, inspected and approved:

Returning Special Order Merchandise and Customized or Commissioned Merchandise
Special Order and Custom/Commissioned pieces cannot be returned or exchanged for other merchandise.
Merchandise in these two categories is identified on the individual product pages of this Website by the message "This is a special order item". It is also indicated by the two-letter code "(SO)" that follows the product name & options configuration during the checkout process and your email order confirmation and invoicing materials. These items will also be indicated to Client Care Representative when you place an order by phone. When you choose to submit a Special Order or Custom/Commissioned Order on or via this website, you agree that such item(s) may not be returned or exchanged. If you are in doubt about whether or not an item you wish to order falls into this category, please contact us for clarification in advance of making your purchase.

Shipping Errors
In the unlikely event that we processed your order incorrectly or shipped you a defective item, we will gladly take it back and, depending on your wishes, replace the item or issue you an "online store credit" for the full purchase price of the article plus any shipping charges incurred.

Sale items
Sale items (products that are designated as being "ON SALE") cannot be returned or exchanged. Such items are identified by appearing within a designated "SALE" section on this Site and/or by a "SALE" indication on the individual product pages or by our Client Care Representative when you place an order. Sale items, custom orders and personalized items are all FINAL SALE ONLY.

Return/Exchange Authorization & Instructions
To authorize a Return or an Exchange and receive instructions on how to return the merchandise, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your shipment.

Refunds on purchases made via this website are applicable to Normal Merchandise only. If you have requested a refund, we will credit back the original account that you used to make your purchase, after your return has been received and inspected. A $20 or 1% re-stocking fee (whichever is higher) will be applied to all returns and exchanges to cover lost handling and insurance charges.

We regret we are unable to issue refunds for Special Order, Custom or Commissioned Merchandise.


In general, all products available on IANSAUDE.COM are designed and fabricated to last. We pride ourselves on using the best quality materials and manufacturing techniques at our disposal. If something that you have purchased from IANSAUDE.COM should, however, require repair, please contact us to let us know the nature of the problem and to schedule a repair order. Your Client Care representative will inform you about where and how to repair the item.

Product Assistance

Ring Sizing & International Conversions

To accurately determine your ring size there are several different methods. The most reliable method is to use a set of actual sample sizing-rings, available at any jewelry or better department store. However, since finding a set of these to use might not be practical for some clients, we have included several alternative methods below.

Regardless of which method you choose, please read the following set of guidelines to insure accurate measurements.

Measure an existing ring to determine its size.
Print out the following template and compare your existing ring to the template.
Printable Ring Comparison Chart »

Measure your finger with a string or a strip of paper.

Printable International Ring Comparison Chart »

International Conversions.
If you don’t know your US ring size, but you do know your sizing in either the UK, EU or Japanese systems, you can also refer to the “International Ring Sizing & Conversions” chart above to determine the corresponding US sizing.

Measure your finger with a paper sizer.

Printable Paper Sizer Strip »

Caring for Fine Jewelry

At IANSAUDE.COM we do everything we can to ensure that the jewelry, which you purchase from us, will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and wear. Fine jewelry, however, is always delicate and requires proper care. It may also occasionally require readjustment, repair or cleaning to remove the various oils, cosmetics, dust or other materials that may accumulate on jewelry during normal wear or after a long period in storage. The following are some general guidelines to help you in caring for your fine jewelry.

For storing your jewelry, it is always recommended to keep special pieces in a fine jewelry case, a safe/vault with compartments specialized for jewelry storage, or a box whose interior is suitably soft and somewhat breathable. Chamois, glove leather, velvet, suede-cloth, fine linen or cotton voile are generally considered to be the best materials for this purpose. Storing jewelry for prolonged periods in plastic cases or other chemical-based/non-breathable materials is not recommended, as they may emit subtle gasses or trap-in moisture that may effect the finish of the metal — especially sterling silver — even if it is treated with a tarnish-resistant finish such as rhodium or platinum. These effects can generally be reversed though professional cleaning and re-finishing, but they can often be avoided altogether through proper storage and care.

When storing pieces in a case or safe, it is also recommended to keep the pieces from touching or rubbing against each other by placing them in separate compartments, individual soft pouches, by wrapping them in a delicate fabric or tissue, or by keeping them in their original presentation boxes. Diamonds are extraordinarily hard, so it is not surprising that they may scratch softer stones or the metal finish on other pieces of jewelry, if they are allowed to come in constant contact. Very soft or porous stones like pearls, opals & coral are especially susceptible to this kind of wear, and should always be segregated from other pieces of jewelry, even while wearing, if you wish to avoid scratches.

For best results, your fine jewelry should be taken to a jewelry professional for cleaning. A professional will know what cleaning method & products are best for the specific kind of jewelry you are trying to clean. Cleaning using a pressurized steam machine (similar to the steam feature on most commercial espresso machines) is safe for most jewelry and is highly recommended. Local jewelry stores will generally offer convenient cleaning services at very nominal rates or you can also contact us to arrange for any special cleaning or re-polishing needs.

However, there are also numerous products and devices on the market that will allow you to clean your jewelry conveniently and effectively at home. These products and devices are often very good, but please follow the manufacturer's directions very carefully and be sure to check for warnings and disclaimers that might pertain to your particular piece.

In general, ammonia-based cleaning solutions, while highly effective for cleaning diamonds and precious stone jewelry, are not recommended for any pearl jewelry or jewelry containing opals or several other classes of soft stones. Using such solutions on these kinds of jewelry may result in permanent damage to the stone's surface or structure. Please check the ingredients and the warnings carefully before using any cleaning solution that you suspect may contain ammonia.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are an excellent way to clean most fine jewelry. However leaving jewelry submerged in ultrasonic immersions for prolonged periods may loosen stone settings. Cleaning periods of 7-10 minutes in a ultrasonic machine filled with hot water and the appropriate variety and ratio of cleaning solution are generally sufficient to clean a piece. Moreover, if you are cleaning several pieces simultaneously in the same ultrasonic machine, the various pieces should generally not be allowed to come in contact with each other or with the bottom or sides of the ultrasonic tank to prevent scratching or marring of the jewelry's finish.

Simple, routine cleaning can also be done at home by submerging jewelry in a plastic or glass container containing 1-part hair shampoo or a gentle dishwashing liquid (such as Palmolive®) to approximately 3-parts very hot water. Allow the piece to sit in the solution for 5-10 minutes. You may also choose use an artist's soft or medium bristle paintbrush to gently go over the piece to remove tiny pieces of dust or other debris. Using hard plastic bristle brushes (such as tooth brushes) is not recommended, as they can leave fine scratch marks on the metal's finish. After soaking, rinse the pieces under very hot tap water, preferably at high pressure. To avoid being burned, you should use a pair of plastic tongs or tweezers to securely hold the jewelry under the stream. During the cleaning process, to be certain not to lose any loosened stones or even an entire piece of jewelry, always place a large plastic basin or container underneath your jewelry while rinsing it over a sink or drain, and be sure to close the drain with a stopper. Check the jewelry carefully to see that all the pieces are accounted for and all the settings are intact before discarding the water.

Jewelry such as pearl or beaded necklaces, which are strung on silk or other specialized beading cords, may be expected to stretch over time with normal wear. They may periodically require a professional re-stringing.

Caring for Cashmere

As a safety precaution, we always recommend that your cashmere garments, home and personal accessories be professionally dry-cleaned. However, repeated dry-cleaning may cause loss of the natural oils present in the cashmere yarn that help account for its extraordinary softness. Therefore, dry-cleaning cashmere items too often may cause them to feel more coarse or even "hard" over time. Therefore, cashmere knitwear, woven cashmere scarves, throws and blankets can often be successfully hand-washed using the following guidelines.

Washing your Cashmere Garments, Throws & Blankets

How to store your Cashmere Garments, Throws & Blankets