The IS Evolution

The IS Evolution

In 2006, Ian Saudē began work on a new brand called, IAN SAUDĒ: IS This new label was conceived as a more intimate expression of Ian, himself, and of his personal vision and tastes. In a desire to step out of the dizzying cycles and often fickle commercialism of the contemporary fashion business, back into a state of genuine inspiration and authenticity, these new collections focused exclusively on realizing the most distinctive design concepts, combining classic ideas with contemporary effects, and emphasizing the use of precious and unusual materials.

Beyond this, reflecting the new global awareness in contemporary art and culture that calls into question the basis for such elemental concepts as "reality" or "beauty" and that recognizes the subjective and interdependent nature of the relationship between the object (the "observed") and the subject observing it - Ian conceived of a collection of contemporary jewelry that could bring the wearer into the spirit of the creative process by delivering not merely an object but an experience.

His collection focuses on designs that seem to subtly change, and that can be adapted, built-on, transformed. The goal is to give a woman options: options that enable her to take greater charge of her look and, in consequence, to acquire greater confidence in taking charge of other areas of her life. These options affect her ability to create a personalized style while simplifying the effort involved, so that her individuality truly makes an impact. Evolving with her, their versatility is intended to help her respond to the changes in her life, her body, her sensibilities, and the many roles she's called upon to play - throughout her day or over the course of a lifetime. Mostly, however, they allow her to express her own creativity by trying out different scenarios for herself.

She may simply change the length of a chain or acquire a new element for an earring, or she might transform the color or the entire look of a piece. Yet, whatever she does, it's not just about adding a new piece of jewelry to her jewelry box. It's about taking something that represented who she was and making it into a personal icon of who she IS right now, in the present moment. It's a living symbol for the newest and most beautiful version of her.

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